Actual Recordings

Garage Band is fun! One thing I've been doing is recording vocal music on it -- singing one piece of a track at a time, etc. The result is what you see here. The music isn't all composed; it's partly just improvised. Don't expect it to sound that good, since I don't have particularly good equipment or, for that matter, skill.

Basic Blues

Mauro Braunstein

I named the album this is in (well, in the ID tag, not in real life) "Alkaline Jazz", because I suck. Basic Blues is just that. It won't take a proton, but it is basic. It's a 12-bar blues, because I figured that would be the easiest thing to put together. A couple of hours later, possibly less than one, actually, out came this piece of crap. I clearly wasn't listening too well to the metronome (Garage Band is cool like that and has a metronome) on the cymbal at the end there, but I figured that being totally off-tempo then rushing to catch up gives the piece, uh, authenticity. Consider this a demo of a cool thing you can do using a recording program and a microphone (my Mac is cool like that and comes with both). By the way, the bass is my voice down an octave, and the bass drum is my voice down two. Everything else is totally acoustic.

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Mauro Braunstein

This was originally made as a present for someone. You can find more information on this song here, since I also made an arrangement of it for a flute quintet (where, following Classical convention, "flute quintet" denotes a clarinet quartet — three soprano clarinets and a bass — with an added flute). The present version, however, consists of me singing all of the parts, and I actually wrote notes on paper this time instead of just improvising it like Basic Blues, so it sounds much better. Also, it has words in Portuguese! It's a bit annoying that my singing range and my whistling range are incompatible in this song. Sorry! All of it was sung (or whistled) directly as you hear it in the recording, except, like in Basic Jazz, for the bass notes, which were kicked down an octave, and the bass drum, which was kicked down two octaves. There is one run in the bass that kept getting really distorted when transposed, so that run was recorded a fourth higher than it ended up instead of an octave.

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Mauro Braunstein

Sometimes you're looking for a song online and you can't find it, and, worse, important exams are coming up. What do you do? You hope that someone else will record it for you themselves, right? What, you don't? ;p This is a simple version of a tune used on Friday night for Psalm 93:4 — "Mikolot mayim rabim, adirim mishberei yam, adir bamarom Adonai", which translates to (JPS) "Above the thunder of the mighty waters, more majestic than the breakers of the sea is the Lord, majestic on high."

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