Music of Mauro Braunstein

Musical Projects

These are my music-related projects. As you can see, I write music-related software, with a special interest in microtonality, and I curate resources pertaining to the liturgical ethnomusicology of Jews around the world.


I have written music for a variety of instrumentations; what you find here are synthesized recordings of many of these pieces for your listening pleasure. (You can download them by right-clicking on their respective links.) As they are synthesized, they aren't perfect renderings, of course, but they're supremely enjoyable even so — at least I enjoy listening to them! In large part they were written in Sibelius and synthesized either by Sibelius itself or, in older pieces, soundfonts. (By the way, Sibelius is in trouble due to mismanagement of their ailing parent company, Avid.)

Disclaimer: All of the works on this page are copyright Mauro Braunstein and they belong to me, except for the ones that are designated as arrangements, where the original composer(s) is(are) noted in parentheses under the work's title. In those cases, the arrangement is copyright Mauro Braunstein as much as is legal. However, I'm not in ASCAP or RIAA, and I especially don't subscribe to their form of tyranny, so if you want to distribute these recordings, play them publicly, make better ones, or whatever, it's probably fine with me, but as a courtesy you should ask first. If you share them with others, though, please make sure to include my name as composer. If you want to play any of this music, in most cases I'd be happy to email you sheet music.

You're also incredibly welcome — nay, encouraged — to send me comments on my music!

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