Part I: Preliminaries

Chapter 1: The Basics

Let's start from the very beginning.

A very good place to start!

When you read, you begin with?

A, B, C!

Uh. Do you really, though? I mean, what does that actually get you, the letters A, B, and C? You can't actually say anything interesting with those letters. You don't understand anything from those letters. I don't know how English speakers learn to read, to be honest, but when my kindergarten class in Brazil learned to read, we learned about a farm where all the letters lived, and we started out with the vowels. Each vowel makes a sound. (In Portuguese, this makes sense. In English... not so much.) Later on, we learned about a few of the consonants at a time, and we learned words that used them, until, a few weeks later, we had the entire alphabet covered and could in theory pronounce any word we saw (again, Portuguese has predictable pronunciation, for the most part, while English does not).

In any case, we're going to start not with "do, re, mi" (which is actually a fairly good starting point, to be honest) but with some sheet music. We'll get to "do, re, mi" later.

Whoa, bro, hold up! I have to learn how to read sheet music? I don't read, yo.

Yep. We've gone over this already. It's actually really easy. Don't worry, I'll explain everything.

Chapter Contents